Must have Equipment to Start a Salon

31. August 2017 Salon Tips 0
Must have Equipment to Start a Salon

Starting a salon is not easy in today’s fiercely competitive world of beauty treatments. There are a thousand things to do and take care of but one thing that stands out from the rest is having the right equipment in place. A salon being a fully customer centric service has to offer the best to patrons to increase business. Customer satisfaction is the defining factor here that can make or mar a salon. So if you are starting a salon, apart from the legal formalities and financials, your top priority should be to get the right and best equipment in place before you open your doors for business.

Must have equipment to start a salon can be categorised as follows –

  • Infrastructure and support services – This is crucial to run your setup. The first is of course a cash register, an appointment book and a computer system. A functional reception desk is required as well as chairs and sofas for the waiting area. Do not neglect the aesthetics of the reception area. First impressions count a lot in salon business and it is this place that will speak of the worth of your clinic initially. Put a lot of thought on the ambience and colour combination. Ensure that the sofas match the interiors. Opt to set up a soft relaxing environment, nothing loud and garish. Then there are the basic office supplies such as pens, calculators, printer sheets, tape and stapler. Do have a washer and dryer to wash and dry towels, gowns and aprons that patrons have to wear over their clothes. Do have a beverage dispenser the type of which depends on your suitability.

  • Salon Furniture – There are the usual special height adjusting, swivel chairs along with mirrors, storage drawers, tool holders and compartments and electrical outlets. Carts and trolleys are very important as hair stylists or facial experts should have all the tools and creams and clippers right next to them. A word about the chair – buy those that are multi functional. For example you will get chairs that have provision for a small basin to be clipped on near the shoulders. It will then be possible to offer a shampoo right after a haircut at the same place without making the customer move from one workstation to another.

  • Equipment for exclusive services – If you have the financial clout and want to start your salon on a high note, install equipment that run on advanced technologies and provide exclusive services. You can have IPL or laser based machines that offer permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments, microdermabrasion processes and tattoo removal. Hire expert staffs that are fully conversant with the operational aspects of these machines.

Ensure that you get the best equipment in this category as it is a matter of safety for your patrons. Australian Aesthetic Devices are the leading importers and distributors of such equipment in Australia. The company sources these machines from leading manufacturers around the world and thus have warranties of safety of usage. For more details, visit website


  • Regular tools and consumables – Scissors, combs, brushes, dryers, rollers, sprayers, gloves and many more form the basic equipment of a salon. Apart from these there are the consumables like shampoos, creams, conditioners, hair colours and dyes and styling gels amongst many others. The point to note here is that initially do not have large inventories of consumables. Estimate your business turnover and keep stocks for a fortnight at the most. Large inventories mean blocked investments and in the initial stages of business you can ill afford to have that.

These are some of the must have equipment for starting a salon. You will find that many more essentials will crop up as per the unique requirements of your salon once you get along.

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