The Evolution of the Salon and Spa Industry

22. May 2018 Salon Tips 0
The Evolution of the Salon and Spa Industry

To truly understand the evolution of the salon and spa industry, it is necessary to first trace the origins of beauty products and cosmetics. It goes back to 4000BC when ancient Egyptians created dramatic effects to the eyes with kohl. Early beauty products were fully dependant on natural ingredients such as berries with bugs and charcoal added for colour.

Even though modern cosmetic products heavily rely on chemicals, this trend is on the downswing with people preferring ones with natural substances that do not have harmful and toxic chemicals. Today the beauty industry has grown exponentially and is a $425 billion industry.

The salon and spa industry really took off in the “roaring 20s” and have since then grown tremendously. The first salon was started by Elizabeth Arden with her signature establishment in New York offering “make-over” to her patrons. She was followed by Max Factor on the west coast who created foundation for Hollywood film stars. Greta Garbo added a further fillip to the industry with her need for sophisticated eyebrows thereby giving birth to eyebrow pencils and mascara.

These were the first steps in the evolution of the salon and spa industry and the very thought of modern day procedures if articulated would have been considered as a figment of the imagination. Processes such as getting an anti wrinkle injections deal in Melbourne would then have been laughed off.

The salon industry has evolved in tune with the demands of women. In the 1960s it was the wide-eyed look of Twiggy that was much desired while the 1970s brought back the need for a natural look. In the 1980s, it was “big is beautiful” with large hairstyles and treatments paving the way for rise of stylists and cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists. In the 1990s, women desired to look like super-models Cindy, Linda and Naomi. All these added to the demand and popularity of beauty salons and spas all over the world.

The traditional concept of beauty salons and spas has changed today. Cutting edge laser technology based machines are providing advanced treatments for skin care and permanent hair removal. Contact a specialised clinic for example offering modern treatment on machines operated by laser in Melbourne and you will get a range of treatments – anti ageing, removal of acne scars and marks and permanent hair removal to name a few.

The beauty salon and spa industry has truly come of age.

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